stay at home Mom, still in a dream

16 Jan

Well it’s my first day of putting to practise manifesting my dreams. What are my dreams?  Today it was finding a job. Not a lofty dream really, but quite necessary considering I was laid off in December.

I should clarify here, my dream today was not only to find a job, but to find a teaching job. I have a Bachelor of Education and it’s time to use it in a classroom setting. A teaching job to use my education, volunteer experiences, parenting skills and my passion to help children become their best!  Did I find a job today….no, but what I did find were several teaching positions to apply for.  Yes, I actually found three teaching positions for which I am qualified. My education is from out of province and so I have to be assessed in Ontario to either, a) get a license or b) receive notification that I have to return to university. The education in Calgary is so different from the education in Ontario..NOT. In my opinion,  if a person has studied at another Canadian University just give them a license to teach. The assessment fee is over $300.00 and I’m not certain I want to pay the fee.  But I digress from my reason to blog…

The best part about the teaching jobs I applied for – they aren’t daycare or baby-sitting jobs!  Woo hoo!!!!  This 44-year-old with a Bachelor of Education does not want to baby-sit to make ends meet. I was a stay at home Mom for over 10 years and feel very ready to get back out into the working world.  

Are you a believer yet? Or perhaps the question is, am I a believer? One day closer than I was yesterday. The new job did not manifest but the possibilities for the job were right there when I looked. I’m smiling as I type this because earlier this afternoon I felt some despair as I totaled the household bills. I was in tears with my daughters when I told them we were not going to spend the $155.00 for them to take their ballet exams. It was heart wrenching to watch the crocodile tears streaming down their faces!  They even went so far as to figure out how much money they had together to pay for the exams. 

After the kids went to bed I lit several candles to clear away the negative energy and surfed the net looking for work. I emailed off my resumé to 6 educational institutions! Isn’t it strange, mere hours have gone by since I felt such despair over financial concerns, the pressure of finding a job NOW, and voila I find some great jobs to apply for.

I can go to bed now feeling more confident and assured that my dream job is closer than this afternoon. I put “it” out there to the universe that I needed to find a job quickly and suddenly jobs appeared. Definitely food for thought.

What did you dream today?


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  1. Andrew A. Sailer February 11, 2010 at 2:44 pm #

    Wonderful Web site!

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