the dream continues

15 Feb

Last night in the middle of a dream, I reached up for someone and popped several ribs out-of-place. I awoke immediately in great pain, yet cannot remember who I was reaching for in the dream.

In pain but very tired I rolled on my left side to find comfort. I finally slipped into a deep sleep and began to dream. There were two parts to my dream sequence. In the first, I was going to a university to attend a yoga class. I kept wondering how I would take part in the class with my ribs out of place. I found the classroom but chose to sit on a bench outside not join everyone inside the room. As I sat on the bench, my choir director came up to talk with me. I took his hand as a sign of fondness for him. After several minutes he picked up his keys with the hand I thought I was holding. I realized I was holding the hand of a tall man with short gray hair who was sitting on the end of the bench with his back to us. The man held his arm backwards and never turned in my direction. I felt creeped out to know I was holding someone’s hand whom I did not know and could not see. I let go of his hand. This part of the dream ended.

In the next part, I was on the grounds of a large, old, palace. I was walking and running through the grounds passed buildings until I came to an old church. I entered the large double doors to find the building full of statues. Most of the statues were broken from the waist up. The statues reminded me of greek goddess statues and many were in a sitting position. I kept looking around, knowing I had to get out of the building. Leaving the building, I entered the main door of a house. I moved quickly and quietly through the hallway, living room and into a bedroom. As I was in the bedroom, the alarm started to sound. I passed a medium-sized shaggy black dog who didn’t seem to take notice of my presence in the house. I left through an open door to the balcony off the bedroom. The bedroom had modern decoration in soft yellow, white and black. On the balcony I looked around knowing I had to get out of there quickly before someone found me. I looked over the grounds, surrounded by high walls. I knew I could not scale the wall and if I did, it was too far to jump to the grass. Suddenly in the distance I saw two figures flying towards the balcony. One was an angel, long dark hair, white dress, white wings. The other was a man, long hair with some graying, dressed in a waistcoat and tux pants. The man did not look in my direction but clung to the wall. I knew he was a vampire. I knew the pair were hurrying to get back into the house and the alarm was somehow connected to their disappearance. I also knew this angel was going to lift me over the wall to safety.

I woke from the dream, feeling the pain from my dislocated ribs and a headache building from the injury. I did not take time to reflect on the dream as I had move my body before I stiffened further.

Though I felt the angel and vampire were returning to the palace because they belonged there, I also know the angel would help me. Interesting that neither the man on the bench nor the vampire looked at me. I have no idea what they looked like, why didn’t I see their faces? Angel and vampire traveling together, good and evil.

The church full of broken statues perhaps representing the fall of someone I had put on a pedestal. Is it the realization that everyone is human, someone is not as unyielding as I once thought? Everyone has a breaking point?

Interesting dream and one I may blog about further once I am feeling less pain in my ribs.


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