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dream the impossible?

22 May

Do you have a bucket list? I don’t have a bucket list but I do have a list of 100 things I’d like to do. Some of the things on my list feel impossible to carry out, but lately I’ve wondered what impossible means.

The dictionary definition states, “Not possible; incapable of being done, of existing, etc.; unattainable in the nature of things, or by means at command; insuperably difficult under the circumstances; absurd or impracticable; not feasible. “[1913 Webster]

Impossible is not a word I use often in my vocabulary, but if I do it would be in reference to something I could not do physically, mentally or due to monetary circumstances. I have been challenged to alter my thoughts on what I believe impossible.

A friend and I meet once a month for what we call our Creative Blitz. During our time together, we head to Starbucks, buy our respective drinks and pick the best seats for our meeting. We’ve created our own lists of things we want to move forward with in our lives. There are six items on my list and each month I add action items. 

When it was time for our second meeting, I felt stagnation setting in. In reviewing my list however, I realized I had focused on five things on my list! I left our meeting feeling hopeful that I was one step closer to actualizing my list.  🙂  It’s amazing to me that by simply listing what I want to carry out, and being held accountable, I’ve made some progress!! 

21 May

Today I feel like something big is going to happen. Something positive, something I’ve been waiting for, or a surprise. 

I haven’t had this feeling for a while, but it’s such a wonderful feeling!  Do you ever feel like something is going to happen in your life?

At first I thought today I’d hear from the Teacher’s College, but we didn’t get any mail. I wondered if I’d get a call for a job interview….but not yet. Hmmm, I don’t know what it is but I’m excited!

angel by my side

18 May

My angel has been with me for years but I’ve only just been introduced to her. Her name is Carol!  Yes, an old-fashioned name for an angel and without the lyrical flow I anticipated.

Let me back up a bit……Monday night I had a severe panic attack while browsing in Chapters. The stress I’ve felt in my life finally took control of my nervous system and I felt like I was going to faint. Ahhh, I freaked out, not wanting to embarrass myself by fainting in the local Chapters store! As I found a chair to sit until I felt better I realized I was in the woman’s health section. I looked directly in front of my at the title of the book staring back at me was “So Stressed.”  Ha, that was someone telling me to relax and take a deep breath!

Rather than buy the book about being stressed, which made me feel more stressed just thinking about, I bought a book about Angels and Guides.

Though the thought of spiritual energy makes me a bit nervous, I have experienced it since I was a girl. One of my daughter’s has spoken with angels and spirits since she could talk and as a toddler she’d watch them and giggle, or reach out to hug them. It totally freaked me out the first time she tried to hug a spirit she’d been watching!

The first step in the book is to become aware of the energy around me. This was fairly easy as I’m often aware of other’s energy. The second step was to feel the energy of my angel!  Hmm, this intrigued me and so I tuned in to the energy of the room and felt it!

I know Carol is with me when I get a tingly, almost ticklish sensation in my right cheek and the feeling that someone is talking directly into my ear. Her energy gives off warmth and comfort, an airy lightness is her presence. I just need to tune into her energy more often.

Carol verified her name twice for me on the day I felt her presence and asked her name.  The first was in a Mark Kay lip gloss delivery an hour after I met Carol. The gloss is called Coral Rose. My angel’s name is Carol Rose. The second sign was in the evening when I put the radio on and the woman who called in for the contest was named Carol! 

Am I losing it? Talking to an angel?  Not really, we all have an angel whether we acknowledge his or her presence in our life. Our angels are here to watch over us, keeping us safe until we fulfill our purpose. Kind of sad in a way to know that a person’s time to die can happen at any point in their life.

Okay, I really can’t believe I am blogging about this today, but my fingers keep typing though my head is saying, ” You are CRAZY to put this out for public viewing!”  It doesn’t matter what other’s think, I am getting past that point in my life.

I think the crazy people are the ones who have access to their angel but refuse to believe they have one. We have access to amazing spiritual energy and guidance in our lives.

I’ve been open to it on and off during my lifetime so at this point I think it’s time I just remained open and tuned it to see just how good it’s going to get! 

one moment at a time

7 May

Sometimes I have taken life for granted, but not since last week. In a tragic accident, a friend of ours lost her life. One minute she was in her element, cycling down a hill taking in the view that stretched on before her, the next minute she was unconscious, fighting for her life.

She was a woman of substance who gave more to others in the past year than some people give in a lifetime. A woman who touched the lives of many with her golden smile, her infectious laugh and her encouragement. An angel on earth, now an angel in heaven.

Even in her death she has inspired others to start giving, sign their donor cards, live in the moment and find the passion missing from their daily existence. She did not merely exist day-to-day, she relished every moment and encouraged others to do the same.

I feel inspired. I want to live a Phat life!

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