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The end to a perfect day

30 Jun

After the perfect beach day, the only way to spend the evening is to relax on the deck with my family while sipping a sangria…or two.

the politics of life

29 Jun

I’m not sure if it was the super moon or the super egos but the politics at work, on the grad  committee and among the volunteers of a non-profit organization, I have been a long standing volunteer, were overwhelming this week. The end result of hurt feelings, confusion and losing some dedicated volunteers was heart wrenching. 

The parents on the grad committee worked things through, the politics at work will never change and though I do my best to ignore the ego battles and politics, sometimes it is difficult to stay neutral. I have a decision to make…remain with the organization to continue supporting this non-profit with volunteer hours or remove myself. I do not know the whole story though I have heard both sides. I feel decisions were made by the board of directors, and though it was their decision to make, I feel such disappointment over the two volunteers who were “let go”. I cannot imagine the word exchange was enough to lose such valuable members of the group. 

I have two initiatives already started that I will see through to completion, however after that I don’t know what direction I will take.

What would you do?

Ready or not

25 Jun

Today my daughter will graduate from grade 8. I’m ready…NOT!

I remember JK like it was yesterday and now she’s almost as tall as I am (and I’m a vertically challenged giant), we share clothing, go for mani/pedis together, laugh at Modern Family and sing with Glee while on an airplane to Germany.

I guess I better gulp down another cup of java because the future isn’t going on hold.

Time to buy some waterproof mascara, pack some Kleenex and prepare to be amazed by my daughter who has already accomplished more in her 14 years than I ever dreamed of at her age!

But that’s what phenomenal parents do, parent so our children reach further than we did to pursue their dreams. (yep, just gave myself a pat on the back because my daughter did not become the incredible teen she is without a lot of love, support and guidance)Image

It’s a bold kind of morning

24 Jun

For years I stopped drinking coffee, through three pregnancies, births and years of breastfeeding. Last December however, something happened.

While in Germany for the International Tap Dance Competition, another dance Mom suggested I try the coffee because it was so delicious. Five small cups later, my daughter reminded me that I’m not a coffee drinker.

One week was all it took.

Now I need bold java every morning. Some mornings I still pull out my little blue German ceramic drinking boot to give myself an extra kick to get moving, even though it has Santa on the side!Image


One time

24 Jun

One time

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