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wordless wednesday

31 Jul

wordless wednesday

it all makes sense now

22 Jul

Do you ever have the feeling you are not on the right path? Heading in a particular direction even though your gut is telling you to turn left or right?

I have that feeling.

It’s time to pay attention to the door so the next time I hear opportunity knock, I answer as quickly as I can! This weekend, I was told that I’ve already lost one opportunity and only two more will come. I am waiting expectantly, as the next knock is due anytime.

How exciting!

I love new opportunities to grow, learn, challenge myself. If I’m not learning, I feel like a stagnant pond waiting for something to come along to create a ripple.

Along with paying attention to my “door”, I also have a new mantra. Connected, grounded and protected. I have been encouraged to say it twice daily but as it’s new, and I love the way the words roll off my tongue, I’m saying it every hour.

As I feel more connected, grounded and protected, I also know that I’ll start saying “NO”. I’m a donkey, a loving, caring, helpful donkey who needs to start making people carry their own burdens. I’ll refuse in the most polite way to let them down easy. It’s going to shock people…including me!

How often do you say no to people? All the time? A healthy number of times?

change happens

8 Jul

When you least expect it. Change happens.

There are often times it comes without warning; running at you from behind or knocking you over with a hip check.

Sometimes it greets you at the door with a “Guess what?”

It can be subtle like the scent of vanilla or bold and in your face like BIG BOLD RED.

Our reaction can be to kick and scream, run like hell in the other direction, grumble and whine or accept it and ride the new wave.

It’s going to happen whether we like it or not, and so in the end, I simply say, “Change happens. Deal with it.”

Just remember, it’s all a learning experience.

Nice Things Jar

7 Jul

I love this idea! I write in a gratitude journal every evening but I could do this with my three children and on New Year’s we could read them.

Project Light to Life


My “Nice Things” jar.


Write at least one nice thing that happened to me everyday for a year and put it in a jar:

Although I haven’t completed this bucket list item yet, I figured I should write about it in case anyone wants to start one of these jars at the halfway-through-the-year-mark. I stole this idea from a Facebook post and loved it. Here is the concept:

Starting on New Years (when I started my jar) or whenever really, write down one nice thing that happened to you each day, then put the pieces of paper in a jar. You cannot look at what you wrote until the end of the year, but then you’re allowed to read everything.

Like the gratitude journal  I wrote about in a previous post, I have found this exercise so rewarding and a lot of fun. I twisted the rules a…

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why not now?

6 Jul

How often do you put off something you would really like to do? A shortage of funds, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, procrastination, shyness and fear are only a few of the reasons holding us back from doing the things we would love to undertake. 

What if for one day, we do an experiment of not putting anything off? What if tomorrow morning we wake up, put our egos in our heart center, and do whatever it is we’ve been putting off? Remove “later” from our vocabulary, stifle the no and replace it with YES. 

I’m in! Are you?

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