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the season of Fall

22 Sep

I’ve been incognito for a few weeks now and this typically happens to me as we enter the month of September. 

September brings our household back into the routine of school and a multitude of extra-curricular activities. I love that my children (one teen, and two tweens) have interests but truthfully September can take the wind out of my sails until we settle into the new groove of Fall. Competitive dance times two, horseback riding, drums, karate, swimming. It doesn’t sound like a lot when I list it here, but when we are driving seven days a week to and fro after a long work day…it’s busy. 

Having said that, I enjoy watching my daughters’ light shine when they are dancing their favourite genre of dance; one ballet and the other loves every genre but shines at tap. I smile when my middle daughter is up early and ready to head to the barn two hours before her lesson. My son keeps his light a bit more hidden from others. He’s a talented young drummer who does not like to practice but loves the yearly performance when he’s the young tween playing in a band with three senior teens and truly holding his own. He is also a purple stripe in karate and drags his feet sometimes to go but is very disciplined and loves to show us the new katas he has learned. I was in awe watching him test for his recent belt…moving through all 24 katas with precision. As I type this I realize he never complains about going to swimming, when he swims lap upon lap improving his stroke. He’s becoming quite the dolphin!

Some parents live vicariously through their children. Am I doing the same? Not really. I took up tap dancing because it was something I always wanted to try and I loved it. I get my weekly horse fix watching my daughter ride and have started to plan when I will start taking lessons myself. There is a woman in her 60’s taking lessons now, I can do that too. I’ve inquired about leasing a horse…hmm. Definitely food for thought. 

With Fall, I find myself ready to start into my own extra-curricular. It’s the season that brings the winds of change and this is my favourite season. 

What is yours?


moving the energy

2 Aug

Stuck energy. That’s what this room feels like. It’s stuffy, close, and even with a fan on the air is almost suffocating.

I tried to sleep on the pull-out but only tossed and turned. At 5 I had to get up, physically moving to push away the stuck energy around me. It’s not working.

I sit here. One finger typing on my iPhone. Feeling the stagnation. It is palpable heavy energy. Full of sadness, loneliness, and longing. This is the energy in the room of a widow, growing older, living alone and missing the days when her children were younger and her husband was still alive. She keeps busy, buying new knick knacks to fill the void. Not able to feel sadness, but i feel an overwhelming sadness in her presence.

While I’m here visiting, I will help move the energy. It will require more than a fan. I need to call in much light, love and a gentle wind.

these boots are made for walkin’

21 Feb

Sometimes your body just knows what you need and when you listen to what it’s telling you everything seems right with the world. This morning while making breakfast for my kids I felt desperate for some fresh air. I went to the back door, slid it wide open and stood there with the crisp wind blowing in my face. It felt like mother nature was slapping me awake and it was just what I needed!  After breakfast the kids, dogs and I headed out for a long walk.

Our first stop was the money tree. This is a tree on the edge of a woods where one summer day we actually found money!  It was probably change fallen out of someone’s pocket as they rolled or romped under the shade of the tree. The tree is fairly unique in that it’s two trees intertwined together to create one. We always go to the bottom of this tree on our walks because it’s become our magical tree. I actually feel better just standing close to feel its energy. I know…..kind of wierd, but I do love certain trees.

We carried on our walk through some woods, along the trail, over the frozen creek, crunching leaves beneath our feet and the trees blocking any wind that tried to move us along faster. We weren’t in a hurry to get to the other side of the woods as it had been some time since we walked the path. My daughter renamed our smallest dog Diablo for this walk and he actually listened to her well. I think he liked the new  name and my daughter made our walk like a new creative adventure. We jumped over logs, found great walking sticks, slip slided on the icy patches and took on a healthy glow with our rosy cheeks. As we neared home the pace picked up again as my son prefers to run more than walk wherever he’s going.

This was my favourite part of the day. Enjoying the outdoors with my kids and dogs. Life does not get any better than this when we can walk safely, breathe fresh air and enjoy each other’s company.

I have walked that path for almost ten years now, with one child, my first two dogs and now with my three children and two other dogs. A lot can happen in ten years.

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