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You bought a what?!

13 Apr

As I stood beside this gorgeous 16.2h American Quarter horse, I welled up with tears. I felt so overcome with emotion and was glad we were alone in that moment. We bought a horse! The search did not take as long as we thought it might, even though we were searching for a bomb-proof, gelding, under 10 years of age, that was trained, could jump a small course, barefoot and without any vices.

It was disappointing to realize that people actually stretch the truth and perhaps even lie to sell you a horse. We turned down several and one “calm” mare, sent my daughter to the hospital via ambulance. How sad that people will lie to make money. I was terrified as I watched the mare gallop away, clamping hard on the bit, as my daughter used her strong legs to hang on until the moment came when she knew she better dismount before coming to the fence or road.

Not in a hurry to sell him, RW’s Mom contacted me to say she had a horse that seemed to be what we were looking for. She would keep him for another year if the match with my daughter was not a good one. He fit every one of the items on our list…and so the meeting and ride would tell the truth. RW was even more than we hoped for. Handsome, calm, fully trained, 6 years old, easy keeper, no vices and a gorgeous liver chestnut colour to top it off. We were over the moon excited to have found our first horse.

It has been six months since he joined our family and we love him more each day. His big kind eyes, his soft energy, his willing attitude. I have yet to ride him, but I love to groom and graze him just the same. As soon as I have healed from upcoming surgery, I will learn to do some groundwork with him, take him for walks and take my time learning to ride. I’ve ridden a few times, but I’m not skilled as my daughter. I’ll be happy to go on a trail ride with him and eventually work up to a canter in the arena. He’s bigger than any horse I’ve mounted and even with a bomb-proof temperament….I’m still a bit intimidated (hence the desire to do some groundwork with him to feel more confident)

And what you’ve all been waiting for….meet RW Rigby…Nuther Royal Machine.

Thoughtful Thursday

11 Sep

Horses have become a source of peace for my busy mind. Watching them, petting and grooming them, the occasional ride. I am in awe of their magnificence, beauty and ability to read people. I have always been a “dog person” and in some ways the horses remind me of a giant dog in their temperament. Twice a week I visit the horses and just observe their herd behaviour thankful to have found this connection to my soul.

Here is one gentle beauty.


Coming up for a breath

26 Jul

This morning as the house and neighbourhood are still quiet, I hear the peaceful sound of birds. The stench from a skunk was almost overpowering on my walk with Ruby this morning. I thought we were taking the best route to avoid it, but instead we were led through the thick cloud. No skunk in sight and only my imagination to think of what happened to cause the explosive reaction. I think it was a cat and somewhere the poor cat was trying desperately to clean the sticky odour from its eyes, mouth and fur.

What’s been happening for me?  I’m now a yellow stripe belt in karate and testing tomorrow for my yellow solid belt. I had my first horseback riding lesson, which was truly soul soothing. I’m back to piano lessons to learn some new repertoire to play and sing as a stress relief. I had a personal trainer set up a program so I can get into better shape. AND….I got a promotion at work. Life is awesome, crazy busy, but awesome.

My children are now 11, 13 and 15. Summer vacation has been relatively quiet so far with no summer camps, only down time at home and visiting with cousins and friends. The school year was a successful one for all of them and a huge relief on many levels. My middle daughter made a very mature decision to give up competitive ballet to pursue more horse back riding!  My youngest is now a purple stripe belt in karate. My oldest loved her first year of high school and is going for her junior life guarding this summer. My, almost two-week, vacation started this morning and so I’m looking forward to some down time to enjoy each other’s company. Ruby Tuesday has had some health issues over the past few months but for a Boxer, she’s still the healthiest we have ever had.

Time for a cup of decaf and to start learning more Japanese words for tomorrow’s karate testing!  Wish me luck!


Selfie time

Selfie time

it feels so right

7 Sep

My daughter had her second riding lesson today. She starts and finishes with a heartwarming smile that speaks volumes from her soul. 

I can see the future direction we are heading; it feels so right!Image



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