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testing, testing, 1 2 3

3 Aug

I started attending karate classes to have a common interest with my son. I continue to go to class because I’m hooked.

Last week I tested for my third belt, yellow solid. Being the second formal testing I hoped to feel less nervous but such was not the case. Though I knew the Kata I still worried about “messing up” my blocks or stances. As we drove to the testing, my friend and I asked ourselves the same question we asked before our first testing, “why do we have the need to put ourselves through this?”

Yesterday after receiving my new belt, I know the answer. It is the sense of accomplishment and knowing the discipline is takes to learn the Katas to earn the belt. Moving to the next level of difficulty while still perfecting the basics.

The Sensei’s daughter received her black belt. I wonder if she knows, at only 16 years old, she is an inspiration to someone three times her age.

Coming up for a breath

26 Jul

This morning as the house and neighbourhood are still quiet, I hear the peaceful sound of birds. The stench from a skunk was almost overpowering on my walk with Ruby this morning. I thought we were taking the best route to avoid it, but instead we were led through the thick cloud. No skunk in sight and only my imagination to think of what happened to cause the explosive reaction. I think it was a cat and somewhere the poor cat was trying desperately to clean the sticky odour from its eyes, mouth and fur.

What’s been happening for me?  I’m now a yellow stripe belt in karate and testing tomorrow for my yellow solid belt. I had my first horseback riding lesson, which was truly soul soothing. I’m back to piano lessons to learn some new repertoire to play and sing as a stress relief. I had a personal trainer set up a program so I can get into better shape. AND….I got a promotion at work. Life is awesome, crazy busy, but awesome.

My children are now 11, 13 and 15. Summer vacation has been relatively quiet so far with no summer camps, only down time at home and visiting with cousins and friends. The school year was a successful one for all of them and a huge relief on many levels. My middle daughter made a very mature decision to give up competitive ballet to pursue more horse back riding!  My youngest is now a purple stripe belt in karate. My oldest loved her first year of high school and is going for her junior life guarding this summer. My, almost two-week, vacation started this morning and so I’m looking forward to some down time to enjoy each other’s company. Ruby Tuesday has had some health issues over the past few months but for a Boxer, she’s still the healthiest we have ever had.

Time for a cup of decaf and to start learning more Japanese words for tomorrow’s karate testing!  Wish me luck!


Selfie time

Selfie time

angel dimes

12 Nov

My blogging went by the wayside while life grew busier and time to sit and share grew less and less. After several failed attempts, I am finally sitting here at my laptop, not working, but reading blogs I follow and typing my own.

The dishes are piled on the counter, one dishwasher load already done, my hand washables are ready to be hung, my son wants to practice karate, my daughter needs to be picked up from ballet in 25 minutes, but the next 10 minutes are all mine!

In our home competitive dance season has started with the girls both learning their solos and new group routines. Avery has her first horse show under her belt in which she took Reserve Champion. Not bad for her first show and 12 to 15 in each class! Her coach asked us the day before the show if we wanted to enter Avery saying she was ready. Well…I guess she was. Avery has now added show shirt and blazer to her birthday list.  🙂 

Last night I tested and got my first stripe on my white belt in karate!  I’m the only adult in the adult karate class so each week has been a private lesson. I’m finding the class a tremendous stress relief working off my work day “stuff”. One of the best parts is that my son stays for the adult class and helps by demonstrating. Last night he sat at the front to watch my testing.

A few weeks ago, I found out my Aunt has breast cancer. She is going to have surgery this month to remove two lumps, but needs a blood transfusion first. She lives in another country so we do not see each other often but she never forgets to send an email for birthdays, special events that happen, congratulations to her grand-nieces and nephews, and jokes. She is a funny lady who loves to play practical jokes and make people laugh.

A good friend of mine had brain surgery to remove a tumor last week. She is a true fighter who has been through breast and lung cancer to paddle in the annual dragon boat race. I truly believe her sense of humor has had a huge affect on fighting off the disease. Her Facebook posts as she recovers from her recent surgery are amazing!

This week, a friend’s sister, succumbed to leukemia. She was an inspirational woman who blogged from the time she was diagnosed to finding out the leukemia was back last month. She lived for one year with the horrible disease. Her zest for life, sense of humor, will to live, kept her going. Reading her blog through various tests, treatments, recovery, small and large victories, family stories, were funny, heart wrenching and heart warming. So many people’s lives have been touched because she shared her year long battle on Facebook. Strangers to her and her family, cheered her on and now send messages of condolences. My life is richer for having known her.

And so tonight, while out walking our dog with my son, I felt something in my boot. The past few days, in spite of my new stripe, have been emotionally trying. I asked today on my way home from work, for an unemployed angel to be at my side to lift my spirits and ease my anxiety. When I got home and took off my boot, I reached inside. A smile spread across my face as I pulled out a dime.

Did you know that angels leave dimes for you to let you know they are with you?




6 Oct

I have been interested in karate for several years and have decided it’s time to add it to my bucket list. It makes me feel nervous to consider attending a Dojo for class so adding it to my list will give me some accountability!

Wish me luck!

the season of Fall

22 Sep

I’ve been incognito for a few weeks now and this typically happens to me as we enter the month of September. 

September brings our household back into the routine of school and a multitude of extra-curricular activities. I love that my children (one teen, and two tweens) have interests but truthfully September can take the wind out of my sails until we settle into the new groove of Fall. Competitive dance times two, horseback riding, drums, karate, swimming. It doesn’t sound like a lot when I list it here, but when we are driving seven days a week to and fro after a long work day…it’s busy. 

Having said that, I enjoy watching my daughters’ light shine when they are dancing their favourite genre of dance; one ballet and the other loves every genre but shines at tap. I smile when my middle daughter is up early and ready to head to the barn two hours before her lesson. My son keeps his light a bit more hidden from others. He’s a talented young drummer who does not like to practice but loves the yearly performance when he’s the young tween playing in a band with three senior teens and truly holding his own. He is also a purple stripe in karate and drags his feet sometimes to go but is very disciplined and loves to show us the new katas he has learned. I was in awe watching him test for his recent belt…moving through all 24 katas with precision. As I type this I realize he never complains about going to swimming, when he swims lap upon lap improving his stroke. He’s becoming quite the dolphin!

Some parents live vicariously through their children. Am I doing the same? Not really. I took up tap dancing because it was something I always wanted to try and I loved it. I get my weekly horse fix watching my daughter ride and have started to plan when I will start taking lessons myself. There is a woman in her 60’s taking lessons now, I can do that too. I’ve inquired about leasing a horse…hmm. Definitely food for thought. 

With Fall, I find myself ready to start into my own extra-curricular. It’s the season that brings the winds of change and this is my favourite season. 

What is yours?



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