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another nightmare

12 Mar

I had a dream last weekend and it’s still bothering me so I decided to blog about it. It is my hope that writing about it will bring more insight and I can let it go.

In the dream I was chased by a man. He carried a metal/steel type of crimper. If he caught someone, he’d clamp steel oval links on their tongue or on part of their face, but for most it seemed to be on the tongue. He caught me and though I do not remember the real crimping, I had two clamps on the right side of my tongue. Though the links were oval to being with, once crimped, they became ridged and flattened into a rectangular shape.

He pursued me and I hid in a room with another woman. As he came near I hid in a smaller room, almost closet sized, with a small window. The other woman did not hide fast enough and he grabbed her. He was crimping the steel ovals on her, I did not see where, and each time he crimped another she made a low moaning/groan sound. I decided to climb out the window but as I slid the pane open it made a slight sound. I wasn’t sure if I should continue with my intent to escape because if he heard the window he’d know I was there and find me. The window was small and I knew it would take some time to wriggle my body out of the opening.

Suddenly my inner voice was telling me to wake up, it was just a dream. I started to shake my head and woke from the dream. The sound was actually my daughter making the same sound as the woman in the dream. She was dreaming too.

I can’t shake this dream. I still get this feeling when I remember the sound the woman was making. So…what did the dream mean?!

My tongue is clamped by a man. Is there something I need to stop talking about? He only clamps the right side of my tongue though. Have I been talking negatively about someone or myself lately? Is there something I need to express that I’m feeling anxious about?

I’m running away from something. Is it the negative situation I’m talking about?

The window, my outlook, my perception of the outer world. My concern that I won’t fit or will take some time to wiggle out of the window. Is this a concern of not fitting in, my perception of myself?

nightmare or full of meaning

23 Jan

Last night I had a dream some might label a nightmare. In the dream I was the observer, but also the young woman killed. I only remember the last part of the dream in which I saw a dress, my dress, laying on the ground and covered in blood. The dress was neatly laid out, sleeveless, creamy white background with large red flowers, would have come to just above my knees, fitted but not tight, loose but not flowing. Beside the dress was a typed note. As I started to type this description, the text now escaped my memory, but it was something referring to a part of me being killed.

I dream often but not always dreams such as this one. When I do have vivid dreams of someone dying, I wake feeling scared and sometimes so fearful I don’t want to get up to use the washroom. The strange this about last night, I did not wake full of fear but full of questions about the dream. What did it mean? Was it related to the story I am currently reading? What message does the mystery hold for me now?

My thoughts tell me the dream was a message of letting go. There is a need to let go of a part of my younger female self before I can move forward. I also wonder who it was in the dream I felt was trying to kill or get rid of that part of me. Am I killing or stifling a part of my younger self that I need to keep alive?

At the end of the dream, I was looking at a 4″x4″ photograph of the dress and note which lay beside the dress. The photo was the size and bordering you might find on an old black and white picture, however this was a coloured photograph. I still have a clear image in my mind of the dress but cannot see any blood stains on it. I owned a dress like it in style, but never wore the colour red in a floral pattern.

I find my dreams and the dreams of those in my life quite fascinating. I will probably think about the image on and off  during the day until a feeling of knowing settles in. I will know when the meaning of the dream feels right.

Do you have any dreams to share?


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