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angel dimes

12 Nov

My blogging went by the wayside while life grew busier and time to sit and share grew less and less. After several failed attempts, I am finally sitting here at my laptop, not working, but reading blogs I follow and typing my own.

The dishes are piled on the counter, one dishwasher load already done, my hand washables are ready to be hung, my son wants to practice karate, my daughter needs to be picked up from ballet in 25 minutes, but the next 10 minutes are all mine!

In our home competitive dance season has started with the girls both learning their solos and new group routines. Avery has her first horse show under her belt in which she took Reserve Champion. Not bad for her first show and 12 to 15 in each class! Her coach asked us the day before the show if we wanted to enter Avery saying she was ready. Well…I guess she was. Avery has now added show shirt and blazer to her birthday list.  🙂 

Last night I tested and got my first stripe on my white belt in karate!  I’m the only adult in the adult karate class so each week has been a private lesson. I’m finding the class a tremendous stress relief working off my work day “stuff”. One of the best parts is that my son stays for the adult class and helps by demonstrating. Last night he sat at the front to watch my testing.

A few weeks ago, I found out my Aunt has breast cancer. She is going to have surgery this month to remove two lumps, but needs a blood transfusion first. She lives in another country so we do not see each other often but she never forgets to send an email for birthdays, special events that happen, congratulations to her grand-nieces and nephews, and jokes. She is a funny lady who loves to play practical jokes and make people laugh.

A good friend of mine had brain surgery to remove a tumor last week. She is a true fighter who has been through breast and lung cancer to paddle in the annual dragon boat race. I truly believe her sense of humor has had a huge affect on fighting off the disease. Her Facebook posts as she recovers from her recent surgery are amazing!

This week, a friend’s sister, succumbed to leukemia. She was an inspirational woman who blogged from the time she was diagnosed to finding out the leukemia was back last month. She lived for one year with the horrible disease. Her zest for life, sense of humor, will to live, kept her going. Reading her blog through various tests, treatments, recovery, small and large victories, family stories, were funny, heart wrenching and heart warming. So many people’s lives have been touched because she shared her year long battle on Facebook. Strangers to her and her family, cheered her on and now send messages of condolences. My life is richer for having known her.

And so tonight, while out walking our dog with my son, I felt something in my boot. The past few days, in spite of my new stripe, have been emotionally trying. I asked today on my way home from work, for an unemployed angel to be at my side to lift my spirits and ease my anxiety. When I got home and took off my boot, I reached inside. A smile spread across my face as I pulled out a dime.

Did you know that angels leave dimes for you to let you know they are with you?



meeting, not by chance

25 Jul

Last weekend, I was blessed to meet Truly. She is a woman of true angelic light and beauty whose energy is bright and pure. I knew of her for over a year and finally felt it was time to meet.

Our meeting was insightful, uplifting and enlightening. We spoke of two visiting spirits who I still have yet to identify, though I have a feeling I know who they both are. I was also introduced to two angels who are currently guiding my life path. Though none of our conversation came as a surprise, it did confirm my intuition and thoughts on various people and situations in my life.

It is my belief that there is a higher power, source energy. I feel it when I connect to source. Through my meeting with Truly, I was instructed to start connecting, grounding and being protected; hence my new mantra. I travel when I’m not grounded. I’ve done it since I was a young girl.

My children are gifted in various ways, like all children. I believe each of us is gifted, and just need to find out what it is. Being gifted is not something you need to be tested to find out. Your gift is something you feel passionate about doing, something that stirs your soul and makes it shine!  My middle daughter, is gifted intuitively and has seen angels and spirits since she was much younger. She has always shared with me what she sees because I have been quite open about it with her.

Our children are born to us for a reason. I am in my daughter’s life to remind her of her gift, remind her to use it and not lose touch with her ability. I was thrilled to talk with Truly about the children’s spiritual development classes.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful is schools offered spiritual development classes for children. I’m not talking about a religious based course, but a course on each child developing their soul and spirit. It’s important to stay connected to spirit, to live with purpose, joy and love.

Thank you Truly, for your sharing your gift!  http://www.trulymedium.com/trulys-blog.html


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