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For your eyes only

12 Jun

Sometimes I glance at the sky and imagine that it has been painted for my eyes only. As though, at that moment someone whispered in my ear, “Look up.” And as I do, I feel moved at the beauty of light and colour displayed across the sky. I wonder if anyone else is looking up at the same time to see such a beautiful gift from the universe. I take a deep breath and smile.

my bucket list

2 Jul

I have a bucket list, in my head, not written anywhere on paper, not in an email or electronic document, not in an app or saved on a cloud.

It’s time to start putting pen to paper…or keyboard to doc…or voice to text…point made.

Is someone’s bucket list a private affair? Something to be held close to your heart never shared with anyone? Or something to put out there in more than thought for the universe to take hold of and manifest in your life?

My list keeps growing, but now I struggle to remember what I have already done. Maybe I need another Americano to kick-start my brain, or just a visual to always remember the adventure. A pictorial bucket list to see what lays ahead and the things I lived through.

A bucket list doesn’t have to be physically daring, it can be emotional, spiritual, mental. And so, as I start to document mine, feel free to share yours with me for some creative juice!


dizzy in pink

and so it begins

16 Oct

After searching for 9 months, I found a job! My persistence checking the same sites every couple of days finally paid off.

When I read the job description, excitement bubbled up from the center of my soul. A job that matched my skills and experience perfectly! It seemed to good to be true and even as I hit the send button, the waiting began. Each day that passed, I wondered when someone would call to set up an interview. When a week went by, I felt some discouragement. How could they not call me for an interview. My husband, being one of my biggest supporters, said there couldn’t be another applicant with the same professional experience who had applied. Late Friday evening, at 10:30, I saw the light flashing on the answering machine. I expected to hear my friend’s voice but instead I heard the voice of a woman from the university asking me to call her!  I spent 20 minutes doing the happy dance with my husband…no we actually danced and jumped around. Then we had a glass of wine to celebrate.

Wow, I had couldn’t believe it, even though I expected them to call.

Sometimes in life, there is a great gift, an opportunity that might as well have your name written all over it. This was one of those moments! I felt confident for days until two days before the interview then, my nerves took over. I prepared for the interview, but nothing could settle the nerves which were building up day by day. The day before my interview I sat on my meditation cushion to breathe deeply and find peace. As I sat there, allowing my thoughts to float away into nothingness, Meg, a very wise woman whom I met on a women’s retreat, appeared. Meg simply smiled at me with her bright, clear blue eyes and warm, supportive smile. I instantly relaxed. Rita appeared bedside Meg and they both continued to smile. Their confident smiles assured me that all was well and all was as it should be. The message I received was  to stop worrying because what was about to happen was already written and could not be changed. I was to enjoy the experience and be true to myself.

The morning of the interview I reviewed two scenario questions and left the house feeling confident and excited. I met the women in the office where I would be working, and then walked into a room with an interview panel of four people. Talk about intimidating!  This was my first real interview in 14 years!  On the left side of the table sat a man and woman who both gave off very warm, friendly and positive vibes. On the right side of the table sat another man and woman who both gave off more reserved, contained, cool vibes. They asked me a series of scenario questions, one at a time and took notes. I was pleased with my answers and felt I did the best I could.

The interview took only 25 minutes and then the warm and friendly woman gave me a tour of the faculty floor. There was only one other time I had a building tour immediately following an interview, in 1996 at the interview for the position I held until I stayed home to raise a family.

The very evening of my interview I received a message asking for my references so they could check them before welcoming me on board!!!  I was ecstatic!  I emailed my references to let them know they’d be receiving a phone call. As each person gave a reference, they emailed to let me know, but it was not until 4pm the last reference check was complete.

Sunday evening as we were about to enjoy a sushi dinner, I received a phone call for the job offer!  I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my excitement of hearing I got the job, I forgot to ask my salary! Imagine being so happy to get a job you accepted before knowing what you were going to make! Hilarious.

I have been on the job now for 4 weeks and love it!  I work with a varied group of interesting people, who are all willing to help with anything I am still learning.

I am so thankful for this position, which is a perfect fit for what I was looking for in terms of being a match for my experience, the hours I work and the location.

My months of wishing and putting it out to the universe truly worked!  After being a stay at home Mom for 11 years, I have a full-time job and love it!  The transition has been easier than I anticipated, and my children are excited that Mommy is working at a university now.

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